Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette – Single-Channel

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Classic Quality with a Modern Design

The BenchMate pipette line has been synonymous with durability and quality for over 69 years. The Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette is a modern interpretation of the durable design, adjusting the material and body to create a lighter and more comfortable pipettng experience. Despite these updates, the BenchMate Plus retains the critical durability and inherent quality that users recognize as soon as they pick it up.

Incredible Smoothness and Precision

Any pipette can be precise, however, a truly special pipette can help the user be more precise. The BenchMate Plus offers an incredibly smooth piston design assisted by an internal magnetic system. This design allows the plunger to be operated with minimal resistance and the magnetic system helps users to identify the first stop and second stop, ensuring that every pipetting stroke is precise beyond just the mechanical specifications. Users can pipette confidently and comfortably at every use.


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