Oxford Accupet Evo Pipette

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The Oxford Lab Products Accupet Evo Pipette is designed for minimum fatigue of the user’s hand and fingers with one of the lowest plunger forces in the market with its innovative spring and seal design.

The Accupet Evo offers high accuracy and precision with a magnetically assisted piston to know exactly where the first stop is. The distinct advantage of having a magnetically assisted piston is that it provides consistent results in the lab.

The Accupet Evo has a corrosion resistant tip ejector to ensure the pipette will last in the lab. The tip ejector also has a unique shock absorbing mechanism for a highly durable pipette. The tip cone is made out of highly durable PVDF tip cones. The volume lock prevents any accidental volume drift in the adjustable volume pipette. This pipette is fully autoclavable and has universal tip compatibility.

Available Accupet Evo Manual Pipette Configurations:

  • Single Channel
  • Eight Channel
  • Twelve Channel

Features and Benefits:

  • Magnetically assisted piston for precise and consistent results
  • Innovative spring and seal design for one of the lowest plunger forces for a fatigue free experience
  • Made using highly durable material for corrosion and physical shock resistance
  • Corrosion resistant tip ejector with a unique shock absorbing mechanism
  • Spring-loaded tip cone for less strain and proper tip fitment for precise pipetting
  • Ergonomic design with proper weight distribution
  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Large and clear 4-digit display
  • Highly durable PVDF tip cones
  • Universal tip compatibility
  • Fully autoclavable


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