Pattern Adhesive Teflon Sealing Film

Pattern Adhesive Teflonᵀᴹ Sealing Film (Patented): Sealing Solution for All Applications, Optically Clear, Adhesive-Free Well Coverage

  • Outstanding performance with Auto samplers
  • Only 0.5 lb force needed to pierce
  • No coring of material
  • No clogging of needles
  • Designed for short term and long term sample storage from -20C to -80C
  • Excellent performance for PCR applications, 40 cycles, hot lid at 100C
  • User friendly design – Perfect alignment each time
  • No cross-contamination or evaporation


MicronPlus is the patent holder and manufacturer of innovative life science products. MicronPlus introduces alternative sealing products for microplates that overcome many drawbacks of commercially available sealing films and mats. This process is achieved by the application of pattern adhesive technology, which provides adhesive-free areas that are not in contact with the well contents when sealing films and mats adhere to a plate.

MicronPlus Pattern Adhesive Technology enables researchers to have an option of choosing their optimum barrier film, adhesive, and design that fits their specific microplate sealing needs. MicronPlus products have the features that make them ideal covers for microplates and vials.

Optical Clarity, Pierceability, Chemical Resistance, and RNase-DNase Free.

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