Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette – Multi-Channel

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Precision and Comfort

Oxford BenchMate Plus Multichannel Pipettes offer an incredibly smooth pipetting experience typically missing in the multichannel pipette design. The mechanical specifications inherently offer advanced accuracy and precision, but the smooth piston design adds an additional layer of precision. The BenchMate Plus Multichannel Pipette is designed so that users can easily pipette 8 or 12 channels without excessive tip attachment or plunging force. The soft plunging force means that users can repeatedly and consistently pipette without combatting the typical multichannel resistance.

Efficiency Made Easy

Multichannel pipettes are good for reducing the workload needed to do a large amount of pipetting, however, the typical multichannel pipette requires more force and is less comfortable to use. The Oxford BenchMate Plus Multichannel Pipette tackles this exact issue by reducing the plunger force and shaping the pipette to fit the user’s hand. This premium pipette offers comfort and efficiency without sacrificing accuracy or precision.


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