Meet Professor Tipp

A BIT older and wiser THAN OUR FIRST MODERN-ERA PROFESSOR TIPP, She’ll be providing you with helpful hints and new products to help you with your lab’s productivity.

The original Professor Tipp was created by my father Win Mortimer in the early 1960’s as a comedy comic strip about the adventures and predicaments that Tipp got involved with.

I thought that it might be interesting to create a more modern Professor Tipp to explain in a fun and interesting way about new laboratory products and applications. Professor Tipp is a primary investigator at a major university and consultant to JDM Lab Solutions. 

In the series, the original Professor Tipp will be her grandfather and we have created additional lab characters Dr. McNasty, Molly, Herman, Stella and others to help tell the stories.

The drawing is being done by Hailey Bair, a scholarship recipient of the Win Mortimer Trust for artists and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design.

I hope you enjoy them.

Jim, Founder and Managing Director JDM Lab Solutions

Fun Facts from Prof. Tipp’s Lab Team

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