Capp Pipette Stands

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CAPP offers a wide range of pipette stands. Having CAPPAero single or multichannel pipettes, you can choose between the S-06, which is a carousel stand suitable for up to 6 pipettes, or the C-01 which is a modular stackable pipettor stand. When ordering C-01 pipettor stand, you receive 2 modules that connected support up to 3 single or multichannel pipettes. The unique construction of  C-01 micropipette stand allows you however to connect further modules of C-01 and store multiple pipettes in one row. S-06 and C-01 are not suitable for CAPPBravo pipettes. Having a CAPPBravo pipette, we would recommend either the C-04 or C-05 pipettor stand. Both pipette stands support all CAPP mechanical pipettes, the difference is that C-04 pipette stand can store up to 4 pipettes and C-05 up to 5 pipettes.  For Electronic pipettes, we recommend the C-04 pipette stand.

C-05 Pipette stand for up to 5 CAPP mechanical pipettes, all models

C-04 Pipette stand for up to 4 CAPPMaestro pipettes or all mechanical pipettes

C-01 Combi stand (2 modules) for up to 3 mechanical pipettes, except CAPPBravo

C-06 Pipette stand for up to 6 CAPP mechanical pipettes, except CAPPBravo

S-06 Carousel stand for up to 6 mechanical pipettes, except bravo


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