Precision Series Pipettor

Save big! Refurbished units are available- while supplies last. 

The Precision Series Pipettor is an intuitive multichannel pipettor capable of 96 and 384 well formats. Plate stamping, plate reformatting, mixing, and serial dilute have never been so easy and quick.

  • Intuitive—Pipettors should not be complicated to use. Walk up to the Precision Series Pipettor with one hand behind you back and begin using it. The control panel buttons and rotary knob can all be used without removing your hand from the handle, all with a few fingers. The display will show you what is happening.
  • Multichannel—96 individual air displacement channels assure the best accuracy and precision. Each instrument comes with a certificate of performance showing actual values achieved in all channels before shipment.
  • A 384 Plate Adaptor is available to quickly populate a 384 well tray. Simply rotate the knob in the front from the number 1 to number 2, then 3 and 4 to complete the 96 to 384 formatting. No need to touch the 384 plate during this process.


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