Crystal Technology Orbital Shakers

The Orbital Shaker may be used for several applications including culturing microbes, washing blots, and general mixing. A spring platform is an available accessory which can handle multiple flasks. CTI’s SlientShaker® is designed and built for a heavy workload, and provides continues shaking with no vibration or heat output. The SlientShaker® can be placed into a standard incubator, converting the incubator into a shaking incubator.


  • Digital control and LED display.

  • Low noise level.

  • Gentle speed up and slow down.

  • Automatic recovery from power outage.

  • Includes standard platform with non-skid mat.



Name Part Number Dimensions Picture
Aluminum Platform SYC2102-A W×D×H:400×400×5mm
Universal platform with adjustable bars SYC2102-B W×D×H:417×402×146mm
Universal platform with 2 adjustable bars for large flask SYC2102-C W×D×H:417×417×207mm
Bars SYC2102-D L:400mm
Name Part Number Specifications Picture Note
Flask Clamp IS-A1 50ml Made of mirror glass stainless steel sheet.
IS-A2 100ml
IS-A3 150ml
IS-A4 200ml
IS-A5 250ml
IS-A6 500ml
IS-A7 1000ml
IS-A8 2000ml
IS-A9 3000ml
IS-A10 5000ml
96-Well Microplate Holder IS-A13 Made of mirror glass stainless steel sheet.
Test Tube Rack IS-A11 Ф40 × 14mm Made of stainless steel and high grade AB plastic material.
IS-A12 Ф40 × 16mm
IS-A23 Ф40 × 18mm
IS-A24 Ф40 × 22mm
Adjustable Test Tube Rack IS-A20 Ф40 × 14mm
IS-A21 Ф40 × 16mm
IS-A30 Ф40 × 18mm
IS-A31 Ф27 × 22mm
IS-A37 Ф24 × 30mm Maximum tube length: 300mm.
Mini Universal Spring Platform IS-A19 W×D×H:165×165×80mm
IS-A27 W×D×H:350×240×80mm
Fixture for Separating Funnel IS-A35 Used for separating funnel with volume greater than 500ml
Infusion Bottle Clamp IS-A33 500ml Made of stainless steel. Can be fixed on all platforms of incubator shakers.
IS-A34 1000ml
Sticky Pad IS-A47 W×D:140×140mm(5.51×5.51″)


Crystal Technology Warranty

Crystal Technology proudly provides a full 2 Year Replacement Warranty on all of its products to be free of manufacturer defect.  Product misuse or damage, not caused by manufacture defect do not qualify for warranty replacement.




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