Crystal Technology Magnetic Stirrer

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The MS1 series of Magnetic Stirrers are available with either a LED keypad or LCD touchpad control. The rotating magnetic field of these stirrers is generated by wear-free magnetic driver with no moving parts for a reliable, durable, and maintenance-free operation. Each stirrer has a wide range of speed and magnetic strengths which are adjustable to meet the demands of stirring solutions with different volumes and viscosities.


  • Elegant design with digital control and display.
  • Motorless driven mechanism for quiet and maintenance-free operation.
  • Five power levels for mixing liquids with high viscosities.
  • Constructed of corrosive resistant materials for easy clean-up and long operation life.



Crystal Technology Warranty

Crystal Technology proudly provides a full 2 Year Replacement Warranty on all of its products to be free of manufacturer defect.  Product misuse or damage, not caused by manufacture defect do not qualify for warranty replacement.



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