Oxford Maxxline Cryotube

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All options are: sterile, lip seal closure, half turn quick seal, with writing area, anti-rotation lid and external thread, star foot anti-rotation bottom, self-standing style with conical bottom shape, withstand temperatures to -196°C, CE Marked for storage of diagnostic samples in the EU, compliant with IATA for shipping

The Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotube is durable and contaminant free, making it the optimal cryotube for your experiments. The Maxxline Cryotube is consistent in preventing your samples from leaking using the caps’ quick-lip seal technology. The Maxxline Cryotube is designed with high quality materials and durable attributes to provide users with satisfaction when using this product. This beneficial Maxxline Cryotube is easily accessible and will provide convenience to all users in the lab.

The Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotube is the new renovation for Crytotube ergonomics. This cryotube offers a contamination-free sample collection system and maximum sample preservation. Our cryotube contains a quick seal cap to quickly remove or tighten the cap with minimal effort. The cryotube features an external threading design to reduce contamination and a lip seal to prevent your samples from leaking. The Maxxline Cryotube is DIN EN ISO 11137 certified to undergo a specific sterilization process. Our tubes are free from biological, chemical, heavy metals, BSE/TSE, RNase, DNase, and Cytotoxic substances. Our Maxxline Cryotubes have high pressure tolerances up to 95kPa/0.95bar and high thermal ranges of (-196°C to 121°C). The Maxxline Cryotube is easy to use, featuring 0.5 mL graduation marks and a clear writing area.

Maxxline Cryotube Features and Benefits:

  • DIN EN ISO 11137 Compliant Sterilization Processes
  • Biological, chemical, heavy metals, BSE/TSE, RNase, DNase, and Cytotoxic free
  • High Pressure tolerance (95kPa/0.95bar)
  • High thermal ranges (-196°C to 121°C)
  • 0.5 mL graduation marks
  • Clear and visible writing area
  • Quick lip seal technology to easily remove/tighten caps
  • Leak proof storage, external threading to prevent leaks
  • Autoclavable tubes to prevent cross-contamination


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