Precision Series Plus 96 Channel Pipettor

Innovative, Easy to use, Advanced Benchtop Pipettor

Increase Your Labs Productivity:

The Precision Series 96 Channel Pipettor only takes 35 seconds to pick up 96 tips, move into a reservoir and aspirate 250 uL, then dispense 250 uL into a microplate and finally eject tips back into the rack. An 8-channel pipettor will take 12X that time and there is a greater chance of human error and more potential inconsistency in the accuracy and precision from each of the 12 individual 8-channel routines. Also, the 96 tip immersion into the 96 well microplate coming straight down all at once helps maintain consistent crossover as opposed to doing that 12X with an 8-channel pipettor.

Precision Plus Series Pipettor Features:

  • For use with all brands of tips
  • 300 uL volume capacity
  • Enhanced motor control for acceleration and deceleration
  • Six pipetting speeds and custom speed control settings Ergonomic large comfortable handle grip
  • Improved programmability by adding extra commands and 4x memory
  • Compact, will easily fit into a fume hood
  • Lightweight, only 22 pounds
  • Two-year warranty
  • LED Lighting- dimmable directly over pipette tips

Dispense/Aspirate Easily– move the pipette head with a light touch on the handle.

Tip Loading/Eject– Large over-molded handle provides a comfortable grip while picking up tips. Easily load a 96 rack of tips with minimal effort. Automatic motor-powered tip eject.

Control Panel- Large embossed intuitive keypad buttons. Center knob rotates easily to dial in volumes and make menu selections.


Original price was: $9,995.00.Current price is: $7,995.00.

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