Oxford BenchMate Multi-Position Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Accessories

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Accessories for MHS Series Multi-Position Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer:

  • Carrying Plate
  • Quarter reaction block 4 x 20 ml
  • Quarter reaction block 4 x 30 ml
  • Quarter reaction block 7 x 16 ml
  • Quarter reaction block 10 x 8 ml
  • Quarter reaction block 12 x 4 ml
  • Round bottom reaction block (500 ml)

These hotplate stirrer units are ideal for mixing solutions, dissolving solutes in solvents, heating solutions, maintaining suspensions in liquids and keeping multiple solutions at a fixed temperature.The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate MHS-5 and MHS-10 Multi-Position Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer units offer efficient, simple and safe stirring and/or heating of multiple solutions at once. These hotplate stirrer units also come with a programmable Pulse mode for optimal mixing of difficult to dissolve solutions. The high-performance and space-saving units are designed to safely maximize the use of precious benchtop space as well as saving you time by stirring multiple solutions at once.

Both hotplate stirrer units have a variable speed ranging from 300 rpm – 1500 rpm in steps of 10 rpm and a timer setting from 1-999 mins and infinite mode. The closed design allows for easy cleaning and protects the equipment from accidental spills. Meanwhile, the non-slip and sturdy rubber feet provide a solid and secure base.


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