Fast2Flashᵀᴹ – Chemistry Done Faster, Greener and More Cost Effective

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The faster and greener way to do all your reaction work-ups and extractions.

  • Reduce work-up time by 50% or more
  • Greener – reduce solvent use by 90% or more
  • Eliminate liquid -liquid extractions and emulsion formation
  • Automatable process
  • Ideal for flash chromatography

Faster Chemistry’s Fast2Flash™ technology is a hydrophobic and organophilic foam that eliminates the need for time- and solvent-consuming liquid-liquid extractions (LLE) to work-up a reaction mixture. Fast2Flash technology is essentially a “foam solvent”. The organic products and solvents in the reaction mixture are “dissolved” in the foam. After the reaction solvent is evaporated, the products remain in the foam. The Fast2Flash foam with the products, after washing if needed, is then a convenient input for flash chromatography. It’s that easy!

There are two ways to get your chemistry done faster with Fast2Flashᵀᴹ

With the in situ method, the reaction is conducted and quenched as usual. Fast2Flashᵀᴹ foam is added to the mixture instead of a large amount of an organic solvent for conventional liquid-liquid extraction. After evaporating the reaction solvent, the Fast2Flashᵀᴹ foam is inserted into a dry loading cartridge. It can be washed and dried in the cartridge if needed. A top frit is inserted, the Fast2Flash foam is compressed and you are now ready for flash chromatography.

The direct transfer method makes work-ups even more efficient for small scale reactions that don’t need quenching. The reaction mixture is directly poured through a loading cartridge preloaded with Fast2Flashᵀᴹ foam. The organics are absorbed in the Fast2Flashᵀᴹ foam and the aqueous phase flows through. Then, one or multiple cartridges (if doing parallel reactions) are put into a vacuum oven or purged to evaporate the organic solvent. The Fast2Flashᵀᴹ foam can be washed and dried in the cartridge(s) if needed. A top frit is inserted, the Fast2Flashᵀᴹ foam is compressed and you are now ready for flash chromatography.

Publication on Fast2Flash:

Faster and Greener Parallel Chemical Reaction Work-up Using ‘Sponge’ Extraction

Li, T., Xu, B., Tetrahedron Letters (2022), doi:


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