Crystal Technology Digital Stirring Hot Plates

Our Multi-Position Hot Plate Stirrers have an elegant space-saving design. Simple to use right out of the box with variable speed and temperature. Ideal for any laboratory that uses stirring, mixing & temperature controlled applications.

Utilizing electric film provides fast heating speed & temperature uniformity. Heat and stir a variety of beaker or flask sizes.
High quality brushless DC motor provides excellent durability & quiet operation.
The exterior is made of aluminum alloy which has high-temperature resistance, corrosion protection, and good insulation properties.
Elegant working plate is made of pyroceram.
Using SCM to control motor speed which is smooth at low speed and strong at high speed. Built-in electronic voltage regulator circuit, using silicon controlled to regulate heating.


Crystal Technology Warranty

Crystal Technology proudly provides a full 2 Year Replacement Warranty on all of its products to be free of manufacturer defect.  Product misuse or damage, not caused by manufacture defect do not qualify for warranty replacement.




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